My Census Project – a beginning

I’m having a strangely productive Saturday morning. Not only did I have a lazy breakfast of waffles and coffee, read some of my book, and do my laundry, I also finally made a first step toward getting a pet project off the ground.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a long while now, of doing a sort of census of library staff. I won’t deny that it’s partly driven by my frustration with regards to the rigidity of the organizational structure I find myself in, but looking beyond the driving factor of the project, I think the results could actually be really enlightening. We all know that librarianship is predominately a female environment, but what sort of other demographic skews are present in our population?

It’s not really the sort of questions you can just waltz into a room and ask people though – “Hi, nice to meet you, how old are you, how much experience do you have, what’s your ethnicity and gender and highest educational qualification???”. Nobody’s going to answer me if I ask those questions anyway.

So I just requested some help from the Library Association of Singapore, and asked if they could send it out for me. I don’t know yet how this is going to play out, but the person I reached out to was super prompt (and clearly regularly has much more productive Saturday mornings than I do), and asked for a copy of the survey questions. Which have been sitting haphazard in the notes in the phone for weeks now. So I got off my butt and actually whipped up the form with all the parameters and everything, and I guess now it’s just a waiting game!

I’m pretty excited to get started on this actually, I have an idea of how to present the data that I think will be kind of fun and oddly enlightening, if the results come out the way I suspect they will. Of course this all depends on actually getting respondents at all, so fingers crossed!

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