Springtime friends

Springtime friends

Look, I live in Singapore. We don’t have seasons. We don’t do changing-colours-on-the-trees, leaves falling, winter sweater weather, hay fever from pollen… If you live in Singapore, and have pollen allergies, you suffer year round, as the plants get their groove on whenever they damn well feel like it. You also pull out your sweaters during the monsoons, which increasingly feel like they happen every alternate month, so you know. I love the rain, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, my point being – we don’t have “Spring” on my lovely island nation, but nobody told the birds that, because we’ve got a pair of lineated barbets trying to build a nest up against our library staff room windows.

It all started with me walking in one Wednesday afternoon and seeing a piece of paper taped up against the window. Turns out a bird had kept flying straight into it.

The one piece of paper didn’t work, so we moved on to various other things, including the bizarre unicorn/pegasus/pug plushie in the picture. At one point, I thought maybe the tint of the windows was so heavy that the bird couldn’t actually see whatever we pasted on the inner side, so I tried hanging a spider from our Halloween decorations on the outside of the window.

It worked…… for a while. Then Bert (because of course I named him by that point in time) started to attack the damn thing. One of my colleagues was concerned he might try to eat it and then suffocate (Bert is cute, but he’s quite dumb, as repeated head-first landings into the glass would indicate), so I removed the spider…..

By the end of the week, Bert had showed up with a FRIEND. We assume it’s a lady friend. I’ve named her Ramona.

We weren’t sure if they would still be around after the weekend, but by Monday, even Ramona was trying to fly into the window. And they’d moved on from attacking just the one window, to all the windows. Our window ledges are now covered in seeds and fruit and poop. It’s charming.

Of course, we’ve been sending updates to the department WhatsApp group to keep everyone updated about the brewing romance. Some people are hoping to see little baby birds. Others and their research are the reason we know Bert and Ramona are lineated barbets, and not just… “birds”.

This all culminated with me watching this video on YouTube, which I think goes to show that things have gone too damn far.

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