Notes from a pandemic – I

Today a friend proposed the theory that crazy people think regular people are dull and uncreative, and that’s how they justify their craziness, because they’re “expressive”” and “creative” and “wear their heart on their sleeves” and “passionate”.

So of course I immediately envisioned a world made up of tiers of boringness, where the absolute plods did all the drudge work, and the people in charge were complete maniacs.

And then 11 hours later (because pandemic; because no one has anything better to do; because in some ways this isolation has left me better connected than ever) we were being bitches and gossiping about someone and he bemoaned how she keeps trying to brag about her work ethic, to which I responded “well it’s all she’s got” so now I know I’m clearly not a complete plod, and I’m at least level 2 in my self designed dystopian land.

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