What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – Episodes 7 & 8

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim – Episodes 7 & 8

Honestly speaking, apart from this brilliant underwear analogy from Director Park, nothing really happens in these two episodes that we weren’t expecting.

(spoilers below)

Everything we learn, especially rich mom’s testimony, points towards my initial speculations about the direction of this plot being correct, namely, that the older brother is responsible for Young Joon being kidnapped (I still had to look up his name, this is what happens when your drama takes place almost entirely within company grounds and nobody calls you anything except “Vice-Chairman”).

For the sake of spelling it out, I’m calling that he stole Young Joon’s thunder, threatened to hit him or whatever. I want to say he’s not completely sociopathic, but I’m not sure how I could spin it that way. I will admit I’ve felt bad for him from time to time, when they show him being dismissed in favour of Young Joon and all he does for the company, but really, sibling rivalry has its limits.

I was surprised by the revelation that Young Joon probably faked his own memory loss for the sake of keeping his family together, although in retrospect that makes perfect sense, and explains why his “uncharacteristic” moments of caring for other people don’t really seem that uncharacteristic after all – if he’s conditioned himself to believe that sacrificing oneself isn’t worth it, it’s not hard to believe that he would try to shake off all kindness within himself. (You can also read into that my appreciation of Park Seo Joon as an actor – sorry @triangularlily​!) 

I was also surprised to find out that mom appears to know the whole story – in which case, why she hasn’t done anything about it is a puzzle that I hope has a satisfying explanation. If I had to guess, I’d say dad wanted to cover it up because oldest-son scandal etc. etc., and that’s the main reason their marriage isn’t the stablest – although as an aside, it’s nice to see an older couple who are neither completely distant nor saccharine sweetly squabbling all the time.

Overall, not a huge amount of revelations, but I guess for the romance lovers it’s nice to see them finally kiss? I really do like this couple, I promise. If I didn’t like them as much as I do, the amount of lovey dovey doe eyes would have had me dropping this show ages ago. I can’t be the only one who’s finding it eye-rollingly tiresome though.

I wanted to watch episodes 9 and 10 tonight, but I am weak and need to go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I can squeeze in some more drama time, if not, I have high hopes for the coming weeks in terms of my drama watching schedule*.

*well, the next three weeks anyway, after which I’m off on my honeymoon!

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