Picked up a new drama…

Picked up a new drama…

It’s been a mad few weeks. I slept for twelve hours straight last night, and finally woke up feeling somewhat human, with the weekend stretching out ahead of me. I’m so excited to A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Briggs Waller and watch episodes 5 & 6 of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

The latter activity is why I’m typing this out before falling face first into lazy weekend mode – I want to get down my thoughts about the first four episodes before I watch this week’s. This strikes me as the kind of show that will pull no punches, and shoot every theory full of holes almost quicker than you can theorize them to begin with.

Unfortunately, I’m out of ground coffee, and the Nespresso machine my dad foisted onto me has a German plug, and the one travel adapter I’ve been able to find in my house is too bulky to get the charge running through it, which is my very long-winded way of saying that I haven’t had any coffee today, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to recall much of the hypothesizing I was so geared up to do last week (also, case in point – it really has been a mad couple of weeks. I can’t even make a cup of coffee without something going wrong).

All that being said, here goes nothing:

I really, honestly, am only watching this because it’s got Seo In Guk in it. The plot synopsis seems very whatever – broody mysterious guy meets chirpy girl whose detective older brother suspects him of murder. Love and suspense follow. Blah blah blah.

BUT. I have been weak for Seo In Guk ever since I watched Reply 1997. And it’s been two years Shopping King Louis, so I was super super excited to see him back on screen.

Of course things start off with a gratuitous shower scene. But these producers know what they’re doing, ooo boy. Not only do you get broody fit man in the shower, oh no, you also get:

FLUFFY SOFT LITTLE BROODY GUY. Which is basically my kryptonite. My only consolation is that this isn’t a puppy, but really, are kittens any less gut wrenchingly adorable? Plus, spoiler alert, he eventually names the kitten after our lead female character. Just shoot me now.

Okay superficial eye candy gushing aside, this show is surprisingly a lot more engaging than its synopsis makes it out to be. It’s based off of a Japanese drama, and while I haven’t watched that many J-dramas in my life, the ones I have watched, plus the books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen, lead me to believe that the Japanese people are very very very good at creating complex, unpredictable, enjoyable plots.

As it stands right now, I’m like, well obviously, Moo Young and Jin Kang are siblings, and he protected her during a fire, and then they got separated, and he ended up in an orphanage. Jin Kook somehow let their parents die in that fire, and has been beating himself up about it for twenty odd years, even though he took Jin Kang in and raised her to be this kick ass young woman.

BUT. There is a lot of romantic undercurrent going on between Moo Young and Jin Kang, and while if this were still a J-Drama I wouldn’t let that impact my hypothesis,well, it’s not. It’s a K-drama adaptation, and somehow I just don’t quite think they would go down that path so easily.

On the other hand, he is getting it on with Seung Ah, and Jin Kang strikes me as the kind of girl who has way too much pride to pick up where her friend left off, so maybe the show isn’t actually pushing a romantic angle with these two at all. 

As an aside, I do not understand the Seung Ah sexytimes direction at all. It is no great secret that I have zero patience for sweet delicate princess characters, and while Seung Ah is kinda sorta breaking away from that mould, by pushing away her (hella creepy!!) fiance and crazy mom and what not, I’m just not at all into her character. Especially not when there’s Jin Kang there being all adorably fierce and strong. Please show, do not disappoint me by ruining this character.

As I was saying – why is Moo Young with her? It’s not love-love, because he was messing about by telling her that Hee Joon* is a starving student, and he seems to be much more smitten with Jin Kang. Is he really just in it for the novelty and pleasure of shagging a pretty rich girl? So. Confused.

Or maybe I just want her to get with Hee Joon, because I am such a VIXX fangirl and I want to see Hong Bin get some action.

Also how good was that scene at the brewery when Jin Kang’s colleague is looking around for “the hot guy” and Hee Joon just goes “I’m right here” and there’s awkwardness all around because she meant hot broody guy Moo Young, not hot pretty boy Hee Joon? So. Good.

While talking about the characters I love, I would be remiss not to mention So Jung. I’m sure this show is going to end up with her and Jin Kook getting together, and while I can see that happening because their chemistry is just adorable, I also sort of don’t want it to happen? I recently read All Summer Long by Hope Larson, and [[SPOILER ALERT]] it was so refreshing to see a boy and girl remain in a strong platonic friendship rather than have to end up dating [[END SPOILER ALERT]]. 

One other thing I want to mention:

This show is killing it with the visuals.

That’s all I can remember wanting to talk about – it’s time to make myself some lazy Saturday lunch and curl up with my book. Till later, potaterz!

*I cheated and looked up character names. Whaddyagonnadoaboutit, eh?

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