Lovely Horribly Week 7

Lovely Horribly Week 7

I don’t know what I’m more frustrated about by this week’s episodes of Lovely Horribly – that I can’t seem to find time to watch them, or that when I do finally manage to squeeze in an hour, it’s filled with this sort of illogical over-emotional nonsense. We are so near the end point guys, we should be well past this by now, come on!

Full disclaimer – I haven’t actually watched episodes 27 and 28 yet, but I have so many thoughts to share, and no idea when I’ll get time to watch them, that I’m writing all this down first.

Really, there’s just a complete lack of common sense all around in these two episodes. I mean, in some cases, I sort of expect it:

Of course Yoon A would burn the title page first, instead of the actually incriminating pages. This sort of thing no longer even surprises me from her.

Also she still can’t seem to close her mouth. Somebody get this girl some bonjela.

Honestly, the more I google pictures of Ham Eun Jung, the more perplexed I am. It’s not just her facial expressions, it’s the clothes she wears, and her body language, and just everything about this character drives me up the wall. I’m starting to believe she’s playing a role that I just don’t quite get, because that’s the only explanation that makes any sense to me.

Other illogical scenes are semi-excusable, only because I guess the writers own their liberal ridiculosity:

Really? You’re going to make her clomp around in dress shoes that are four sizes too big for her? And you think those will hurt her feet less than the soft slippers she wears around the house all day??

I get that we’re trying to drive home how unfairly Eul Soon is treating Philip, but really? You couldn’t come up with anything better than that??

Speaking of Philip and Eul Soon’s romance… I still don’t really care very much about Philip, (and Eul Soon is REALLY knocking herself down in my eyes so far this week) but I do like how he’s trying very hard to be understanding about how she’s hiding things from him. I legit do not see the point at this point – he knows you think you’re going to die, you’ve decided to stay with him, so what exactly are you trying to achieve by hiding stuff from him? I have zero patience with their crap, if you can’t tell.


Eul Soon not removing that giant picture of him from the house after she moves in is sort of the best thing ever. I love it so much.

Also, those are some great lamps. 

It’s not just a lack of logic that I struggled with today, I also found a lot of the plot mechanisms very clunky.

This whole break down scene had me in serious giggles. Why are you squashing her head? The two of you need to spend some time getting it on so you’re not so damn awkward whenever you have to physically touch each other. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a drama where I have been so much for a couple in their emotional interactions but so against them physically. It’s like the worst-case scenario of Internet dating – you have a real connection and jive with someone, only to realize there are z-e-r-o sparks when you touch.

I wouldn’t say Gi Kwang PD is any less awkward, but he totally came across as such a little boy crushing on his noona this week. How is it that the same episodes which cause me to lose faith in our main couple finally allows me to believe in the second male lead’s feelings for the lead actress? What, can you only do one believable set of human interactions at a time??

Also, nothing against these flashbacks, I actually really enjoy them and think the child actor is great, but – why is he so grubby just because he’s a shaman’s kid? Do they not bathe, or what? She’s clean enough, so why isn’t he? I get the shabby clothes and stuff, but not the smudges of dirt on his face.

And then… my biggest issue with these episodes – 

I know, I know. I literally just said that I want Yong Man to have a bigger role in all of this. But not like this, show. Not like this. This is such a cop out. If he’s the little brother, why the hell did he show the boss guy a picture of the actress who was hired to play a ghost? You can’t tell me he took this job as Philip’s manager to get revenge, but has been perfectly amiable for years, up until they shoot part 13 of a 16 part drama, and then he suddenly flips his shit. Come onnnnn.

I love Yong Man. He deserves so much better than this sudden inept detective BS. I legitimately am at key-mashing levels of frustration about this rubbish development.

I suppose on the bright side, at least we get to see how writer Ki (whose name I am probably going to get through the whole drama without remembering) and Yoon A know each other.

… Now that I think about it, half of my frustration with Yoon A might stem from that ridiculous hairstyle they give her in these flashbacks. Seriously, who is doing her styling in this drama?! Somebody needs to give them a bit of direction. Whatever you think you’ve got going on right now is just not happening.

At any rate, this was a REALLY FRUSTRATING watch for me, and the next two episodes better improve my mood a bit or I’m going to go into the last week of this show fuming.

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