Looking for a “house helper” and finding gold instead

Looking for a “house helper” and finding gold instead

I’ve made really rough going of dramas so far this year. A lot of starting things and not finishing them. Case in point, this draft from two months (!!) ago:

Lord knows I could do with a house helper right now. After a particularly trying first week in our new home (just life-wise, not home-wise), we finally found some time to order in dinner and watch a movie while doing laundry last night.

Or that was the plan, at any rate.

When the credits started to roll and I wandered over to check on how much time was left on the machine, we discovered that the water supply to the washing machine hadn’t actually been turned on.

I’m making progress in getting these things sorted out, and I know it’s just a matter of time, but until then, it’s nice to daydream about Kim Ji Woon waltzing into my house and whipping everything into pristine shape for me. I’m guessing this show came on my radar because of Jeon Soo Jin who has completely captivated me ever since I saw her as the younger sister in Emergency Couple back in 2014 (…. hold up. I’ve been watching kdramas for HOW long?!?!) 

It’s not really a show I would expect myself to stick with, and I think the reason I made it as far as I did is because I was binge watching it during a stressful week, and it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking or emotional attachment. It’s the kind of thing you just leave on and let it kind of wash your brain out after a long day, you know? I don’t know that there’s much in the way of an actual story, and it’s not exactly the slice-of-life age of youth/dear my friends sort of drama either. Also Im Da Young, who I’m hesitant to call our female protagonist, is simultaneously badass and highly annoyingly whiny, so it’s not even like I’m 100% sold on the characters. It’s just… an easy watch. Will I keep up with it for another 12 weeks? Given my track record of late, I would say no, but who knows.

Who knows indeed? Me, that’s who. I knew.

After a failed attempt at staying in PJs all weekend and binge watching a show, this past weekend I finally ended up doing just that. I’m doing a group watch of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and was in the mood for something less fluffy. I thought I’d finally get back into watching Save Me, but somehow found myself starting Lovely Horribly instead. I love Song Ji Hyo, she just comes across as the kind of person I would want to be friends with, so I always keep an eye out for her new projects. On paper, this doesn’t sound like what I needed, but, well, it clearly is. I’m really enjoying it, and I hope it keeps my interest till the end. I’m only about halfway through, so fingers crossed!

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