kdrama catchups!

kdrama catchups!

Today I got out of the shower, put on my jammies, and for the first time in about four months straight, realized I have absolutely no pressing tasks ahead of me. Sure, I’m setting up a new house and there’s lots to do – I don’t own a mop or vacuum or broom yet, and it’s really starting to show; I only have a fancy sea salt body scrub, and no everyday soap; I need to schedule a hair cut… but none of these problems need to be fixed right away, or weigh down heavily on my mental to-do list the way things were in the earlier half of this year.

So to celebrate, I bought myself a jumbo pack of chocolate chip cookies, and am settling in to catch up on some drama watching goodtimes.

To recap: I’m purportedly following 3 different ongoing shows – Wok of Love/Greasy Melo, About Time, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?. I say “purportedly” because I had a bit of a false start with these and ended up putting them on hold for like, a month.

I’m going to start with Secretary Kim, because it’s apparently been breaking all sorts of viewership records, and I’m not as emotionally invested in any of the actors the way I am with Jang Hyuk, so if it disappoints, it won’t cut that deep.


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? – Episode 5-6

First off, I am not a fan of these ultra long puppy eyes and excuses for skinship. I actually do like the main couple a fair bit, but maybe I’m just not in a romance mood (hah, as if I’m ever in a romance mood) and it gets on my nerves. I end up playing games on my phone during those scenes, and I’ve managed to beat four levels of picross in this episode alone.

Although, okay, I’ll admit it, this particular instance was adorable.

The other thing I enjoy is seeing all the different underlings interacting. Bong Se Ra is a bit overly dramatic for my usual tastes, but she’s shown in such small doses that I actually sort of like her. I hope she doesn’t do anything awful to move the story forward further down the line.

The banner placement might give you the false impression that I don’t care for Chansung but actually, I am all up on this ship. As are many other people, I’m sure. I wasn’t sold on Secretary Kim Jr. before, but after she picked up on his “secret” and seeing the way she plays people without really being malicious or losing any of that genuine sweetness of personality, she’s growing on me. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her (and him).

Getting to the main crux of these episodes though – Young Joon and his brother (confession – I totez had to look up his name. Oops.) and this kidnapping sideplot. We all know it was Young Joon who suffered through ‘the incident’, because, hello, trauma + flashbacks + cable tie scars? Okay, the scars could be from his brother being horrific, but somehow I doubt it. I already know it’s all going to come down to some altruistic cover up cum misunderstanding cum whatever, but I’ll admit to still being intrigued. Also it definitely seems like our sassy secretary ain’t having none of it, and is trusting her gut (and heart) which is always a pleasant change from the norm.

So I started watching this today with very little expectation of carrying on beyond episode 6, but apparently I’m still interested enough to have the next four episodes lined up and ready to go for the rest of the night. See you in a bit with more commentary – although by that point it’s likely to be highly sleep deprived ramblings!

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