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I wish mydramalist had an “added date” option so I could be sure what I’ve watched this year – but let’s be real, dramajib has been super inactive in 2018.

Let’s do this month by month!

January saw me watching Hwayugi with the ladies of somuchkdrama, and it was kind of a shitshow of of a drama, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed hating on. It would take a lot for me to not enjoy watching Cha Seung Won and Lee El. If you’re asking me if I recommend this drama, I would say a hearty hell no, but if you’re asking if I enjoyed it, it’s a hearty hell.. kinda?

The same month saw the end of Two Cops, which I actually completely forgot I had watched until I browsed through my archives. I enjoyed it a lot while I was watching it, but it wasn’t particularly memorable.

In February I tried picking up Laughter in Waikiki, but that never quite kicked off.

In March, I watched an older Lee Dong Wook movie, Perfect Couple, and… that seems to have been about it. In fairness I was days away from getting married at this point, but I’m surprised I didn’t turn to more kdrama watching as a destressing mechanism.

April is when I got married, and I seem to have basically watched nothing during that time. Odd. Understandable, but still odd.

In May I started Wok of Love, and unfortunately even Jang Hyuk as a soft hearted gangster didn’t keep me in it till the end. I also tried watching A Poem a Day, and I actually quite enjoyed it, but I was just so busy that I never carried on.

In June, I started What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and About Time (and learned about eyebrow acting… whyyy), which carried on into July as I moved into my new apartment. I also picked up Your House Helper, and then I went on holiday, and when I came back I just… never picked them back up again. I did watch the movie Little Forest on the plane while on holiday, so there’s that?

I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a bad year for dramas for me.

In August (!!!), the ladies at somuchkdrama suggested watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It was a rewatch for the both of them, but a first for me. It’s been 5 months and we’re still slowly working our way through the episodes, but it’s actually been quite a fun thing to have on the back burner and occasionally pull up for a quick stir.

In September I watched the Song Ji Hyo drama, Lovely, Horribly. This was basically the first drama all year that I finished watching, excluding Hwayugi and Two Cops which both started in end 2017. It really wasn’t that great, but I was super invested in it, and it saw a temporary return of my kdrama blogging ways.

October brought me a Seo In Guk drama with a ridiculous title that I derived great pleasure in refusing to get right, and when I finished it in November it turned out to be one the most depressing horrible things I’ve watched, which automatically boosted it up there with The Innocent Man into the list of dramas I will recommend to people who are new to kdramas just because I’m clearly a bit of a evil sociopath.

Which brings us to December, and this post, which is actually the first dramajib post I’m making this month. It’s so strange to me, because blogging about dramas has been such a big part of my free time for a couple of years now.

I did watch quite a lot of variety shows, including Busted on Netflix, the new seasons of Journey to the West, and The Great Escape. I even decided to let go of my emotional bias against Running Man after Kang Gary left, and started slowly working my way through back episodes.

I also watched a couple of Korean movies, mostly because they’re now much more readily available on Netflix, but I couldn’t tell if you I watched those this year or last year, or during some strange indeterminate time warp.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m not interested in kdramas anymore, I think it’s just a matter of adjusting to a new routine and lifestyle. I used to watch my dramas alone in my room, either before going to bed at night or during lazy weekends. Now that I’ve moved in with my husband who a) works shifts, b) suffers from insomnia, and c) doesn’t watch Korean TV, I tend to limit my watching to when he’s not at home, and spending time with him instead when he is around.

And speaking of which, his ass is waiting for me in the living room to watch The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2019, so this is it for me for this post.

I wish all of you a wonderful wonderful new year, and may 2019 bring us all some glorious drama watching pleasures. Happy New Year in advance!

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