Kdrama Secret Santa Exchange

Kdrama Secret Santa Exchange

Over the last three or four months I’ve felt like I’m so busy that I don’t have time to just sit around and indulge in doing nothing. It’s odd, because I really don’t think I’ve taken on anything new – if anything, I’m spending less time watching TV, and for a while there, kdramas were taking up a serious portion of my free time each week.

I’m big on to-do lists, and since today was the first day in a long while that I had absolutely nothing on my agenda, I decided to cross some things off my list.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the kdrama community over on Tumblr. I’m not as involved as many other people (I haven’t joined any of the networks, for example) but I do take part in some of the fun community activities that they organize. One of the big ones is the annual kdrama secret santa exchange. I know that sounds silly if you’re really not into the scene, but it’s a really fun, chill way to get to know people and feel a bit more of a connection and enjoy some holiday cheer.

Two years ago I went all out and binge watched my santee’s favourite show, and then made a little music video with some of my favourite scenes from it. Last year, I again tried something new and watched a show from my santee’s list, then made a playlist based on the characters and relationships.

Because I’ve been so busy this year, I copped out a little bit and didn’t actually watch any of the dramas on my santee’s list.

In my defense, that’s not really one of the requirements of this activity. When you fill out a list of your favourite shows/actors/whatever, it’s really more to give your santa an idea of what type of stuff you like in kdramaland. In the past I always tried to take that as a bit of a challenge and see what I could come up with. This year though, my santee had listed two shows that I not only have already watched, but that are some of my favourites. She also mentioned that she’s a total romance hoe, which I’m really not, so I figured that could be my personal challenge for this year?

I’d originally intended to do some gifsets with snowy overlays, I even pulled out the Macbook I only ever use for photoshop so I could get some good quality gifs instead of the shitty ones I end up making with the free software I use on my PC.

Turns out I’m even more useless at using photoshop than I remember. Which is why, at 6 pm, I finally managed to cross the first thing off my list for today: my submission to 2017’s kdrama secret santa exchange on Tumblr. *confetti*

Actually, make that two things I’m crossing off my list – I’ve also finally made a blog post on this website about something other than comic books. Go me! Now if I could just sort my main page out a little bit, I’d be up to THREE items in one day. Crazytalk!

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