Books – 2018, week 4

Books – 2018, week 4

While I still haven’t made much progress with 4321, I did squeeze a couple of quick reads in this (last) week.

I’ll admit to browsing through this while cataloguing rather than actually reading it cover to cover. I found it surprisingly haunting, although why I should be surprised I’m not sure. My first introduction to William Sutcliffe was reading New Boy at the age of twelve, and I distinctly recall my mother asking me “do you really think you’re ready to be reading books like this?” (I did, and I was… I think). Bad Influence is apparently recommended for ages 9 and up, which I thought a bit young, but I’m sure 12 year old me would disagree.

I didn’t request for this book to be purchased, I don’t actually know who on our staff ordered it, I’m guessing it was a diversity-driven purchase. It was a fun read though. I first saw New Super-Man in the Batgirl series when he shows up to introduce Babs to his guide, but I hadn’t realized what an annoying (in the best way) child Kenan actually is.  I’ll probably continue reading the series if we continue to buy it, but I don’t see myself going out of my way to get the next volume.

We’re huge Boom Box fans here in our library, and this title was so much fun. It makes me want to watch the Goonies again!

Uhmmm, okay, so three books is not a lot, especially not when they’re all such light short reads, but HEY reading is supposed to be fun and last week’s reads were all lots of fun so that was great.

We’ll see what this week brings in a couple of days. Gosh I really need to get my blogging schedule on track or I’m going to be lapping myself soon.

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