All Caught Up At Last!

All Caught Up At Last!

I finally did it guys. I’m officially all caught up.

No comic books on my desk pending cataloguing or processing.

No story arcs waiting to be compiled into one easy-checkout-able kit (well, except for the ones with missing issues or where some issues out on loan etc….).

I mean, sure, a giant order just came in from when my boss decided to go through the YALSA list of recommended graphic novels and spend a ton of money…….

but THE COMICS ARE DONE Y’ALL and our supplier hasn’t sent me that dreaded “Hi Ekta, when are you free to collect your comics?” text yet.

I did drop by the store last week for some much needed me-time, just to browse for my own pleasure instead of for work – there is such a huge difference, by the way. On the one hand shopping for work is great, because it gives me a budget about 10 times bigger than my own, and I can really cover a whole range of items. But when you’re shopping for yourself, there’s much less pleasure and surprisingly, a lot more of the retail-therapy sort of satisfaction. Part of it is probably the knowledge that when I get home, all I need to do is read my purchase, rather than catalogue, age-rate, barcode, sticker, and shelve it.

Not that I’m disillusioned or anything. I’m still super grateful to be able to handle this part of the collection with so much freedom. And it’s always worth it to see the kids flopped down next to the shelf every break and lunchtime sharing comics with each other.

Anyway. I’m going to wrap up this celebratory post by mentioning the last few note-worthy titles from my giant backlog, a situation I hopefully never again find myself in because holy shit it took forever to dig my way out of that pile.

West Coast Avengers is a new title the guys at the comic book store suggested I pick up, and it’s actually really fun. I love how they poke fun at the confusion of there being two Hawkeyes, and the lineup of team members looks super promising too. I’ll admit to not being very familiar with most of them, but I’m quite looking forward to catching up on this series.

It is also the title that caused my usually extremely calm colleague to literally throw her hands up in frustration and cry “HOW DO YOU KEEP UP EKTA?! West Coast Avengers! Batgirl! Batman! And I just saw a baby Teen Titans!!! How am I supposed to keep track?!?!”. Correct answer: You’re not. Just wing it.

I also picked up Marvel Rising, mostly because a lot of our users (staff included) love Ms. Marvel. The story is a lot more fun to describe than it was to actually read – it has elements I love, like video games, and silliness, but the execution wasn’t quite up my alley. I do think the kids will like it anyway though, so I don’t regret buying it.

Also, this was the second time I saw America Chavez being somewhat heavily involved in a storyline, and I’m still no closer to knowing who she really is. She’s part of the West Coast Avengers team, so hopefully that will change in the coming months.

The Supergirl storyline has taken a strange turn at some point when I wasn’t paying attention. I’m fairly certain I read every issue as it came out, but it feels like she just out of the blue has gotten really mad at (whom, exactly?) and is speeding off for vengeance and revenge in outer space. Uhh. What? This series was all about sweet little Kara Danvers and fitting into high school and making friends and finding romance and balancing trust and superhero life and all of that. All I can say is that I am so confused.

And really, that’s a wrap – for now. Watch this space for my return to whining about how I have SO MANY COMICS to get through once my October order comes in.

Hashtag first world problems.

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