Recent Reads

Recent Reads

I recently saw The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell on the new arrivals shelf on my library. The blurb made it seem like it might be similar to Sarah Prineas’ The Magic Thief, which I absolutely¬†love, so I decided it had to be my next read. It was slow going at first, but that might be because I was very unwell when I first picked it up. Toward the end though, I almost missed my train stop three times in one day because I was so engrossed, and when I did finish it, I sent my friend an all-caps text about how upset I was that it doesn’t have a real conclusion. I will probably never learn my lesson about checking for series before starting new books. Thankfully book two is almost out, so I’m not going to be left hanging for ages (looking at you, Alison Goodman)*.

And it’s not just YA Fantasy that I’ve been attacking, I’ve actually been reading quite a lot in general – I was “testing” Sora, the new school library app for Overdrive, and it turned out to be such a good way for me to pass time on my commute to work. Now that I don’t drive, I can squeeze in a good hour and half a day of reading. Having it on my phone means I’m never without a book. I do still prefer physical books, but you can’t deny the convenience of e-books. (I still can’t seem to get into audiobooks though).

I wouldn’t say Emergency Contact was one of the¬†best books I’ve read recently, but parts of it keep coming back to me at random moments. It’s been about a month now since I read it, so that’s got to say something. It’s not the story itself really, but more the exploration of what it means to be a minority, and different, which also, isn’t a particularly novel narrative these days (which is a good problem!), but the approach to this just seemed to resonate with me in a way I didn’t realize while I was actually reading it.

*just kidding – please don’t encourage yelling at authors for publishing delays.

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