Notes from a pandemic II

Notes from a pandemic II

I know I’m not alone with struggling to get some reading done while at home during this pandemic. When we first got notice of workplaces being shut and having to work from home, I lugged home dozens of books that have been on my to-read pile, worried whether I’d brought enough to last me, but consoled by the fact that I literally couldn’t carry any more. We’re past the two month mark now, and I think I’ve really only ready maybe one or two of those books.

The last few weeks though, I’ve managed to read a little more, but I’ve resorted to re-reading old favourites. I usually turn to Agatha Christie, Diana Wynne Jones, or Terry Pratchett for comfort re-reads, but this time around I’ve been working my way through Dorothy L. Sayer’s Lord Peter Wimsey series. In light of everything that’s happening in the world, there are definitely things that leap out to me that I didn’t notice the first time around (the rampant racism, for one) but it’s been interesting to dive further into that and read people’s thoughts on whether the author is simply speaking as a product of her time, or if she’s actually providing some subtle social commentary in her works.

Either way, if you like historical mysteries, the series is one that I enjoy, although I know it’s not for everyone. It’s not a “try to solve the case before our detective does” sort of book, it’s more an “admire the details of the crime and how they come together” sort of book, and considering the last thing I want to be doing right now is thinking very hard, it serves very well indeed.

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